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Lead. Create. Make a difference.

Leadership matters.

I believe that everyone has the potential to lead. I also know we all have skills to learn or improve upon that will help us be more effective as leaders no matter what our title is. I’m committed to the idea that healthy organizations have leaders in every chair.

Everything I know about leadership, I learned on the dance floor.

Okay that’s not literally true, but I have certainly learned a lot about leading and following as a ballroom dancer. Both dance and my thirty-five years of experience in complex organizations have taught me that leadership is a complex, dynamic partnership. Our organizations and communities need creative, courageous people who will take on the challenges of leadership.

Let’s explore ways I can help you and your team learn, grow, and become authentic, effective leaders who make a difference.

Leadership Development, Professional Development

Everyone leads. The workshops and team development work I facilitate are based in this belief.

Speaking Engagements

Everyone can make a difference. My keynote speeches are designed to encourage and support everyone in finding their own way to make a difference in their organizations and communities.

Leadership Development, Strategy & Support

Everyone is creative. Leading is creative work. It is problem-solving, designing new ways of working, and imagining possibilities.

Recent Blog Posts

Curiosity is a Leadership Skill

"How did you get where you are?" It's a question I have often heard over the course of my career - especially once I became a vice president. There are many ways to answer such a question and a helpful answer depends on what the questioner really wants to explore. Some questions are about credentials. Some are about experiences. Other questions are about decisions made or jobs taken. But regardless of the specific question, there's one answer I have given more often than others. "Be ...

Listening to Learn

"The servant leader seeks to identify the will of a group and helps to clarify that will. He or she listens receptively to what is being said and unsaid. Listening also encompasses hearing one’s own inner voice. Listening, coupled with periods of reflection, is essential to the growth and well-being of the servant leader." Larry Spears  This past week, during a workshop I was facilitating, we spent some time practicing the fine art of listening. Our convention in conversation is to take turns, isn't it? ...

The Gifts of Fall

 My first fall on campus Based on everything I know now, I can safely say I did everything wrong during my first semester of college. Well, I didn't go home every weekend since home was 500 miles away. However, since both of my grandmothers lived within an hour's drive, I did leave campus more than was good for me. I didn't do much beyond go to class and study. Like everyone else in the southern tier of the United States, I moved into my residence ...

“Hope is the thing with feathers,” says Emily.
As Maya intones, “Still I rise.”

Pablo calls us to “count to twelve” rather than ten
And Mary asks us to think about our “one wild and precious life.”

Poets teach me
To listen for the questions that go unsaid,
To ask the questions that are needed,
To find the path to wisdom and the way to make the bread.

G. Paine

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