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Lead. Create. Make a difference.

Leadership matters.

I believe that everyone has the potential to lead. I also know we all have skills to learn or improve upon that will help us be more effective as leaders no matter what our title is. I’m committed to the idea that healthy organizations have leaders in every chair.

Everything I know about leadership, I learned on the dance floor.

Okay that’s not literally true, but I have certainly learned a lot about leading and following as a ballroom dancer. Both dance and my thirty-five years of experience in complex organizations have taught me that leadership is a complex, dynamic partnership. Our organizations and communities need creative, courageous people who will take on the challenges of leadership.

Let’s explore ways I can help you and your team learn, grow, and become authentic, effective leaders who make a difference.

Leadership Development, Professional Development

Everyone leads. The workshops and team development work I facilitate are based in this belief.

Speaking Engagements

Everyone can make a difference. My keynote speeches are designed to encourage and support everyone in finding their own way to make a difference in their organizations and communities.

Leadership Development, Strategy & Support

Everyone is creative. Leading is creative work. It is problem-solving, designing new ways of working, and imagining possibilities.

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Finding Time, Keeping Quiet

Photo by David Chalifoux on Unsplash

Risk Management

Photo by Ian Kim on Unsplash It was about twenty years ago that I first sat down with a colleague who had the title of Risk Manager. Our new Risk Manager wanted us to make sure every musical act, any magician, well, anyone we invited to campus through our various programs, had insurance. It was a new idea, and an added expense, and Student Affairs staff were not happy about it. We found a way to make it possible to manage the risks and to ...

The Empty Truth

Three months into my job as Dean of Students at SMU, I was invited to welcome a group of students to campus. It was on a Friday evening at the start of a 24-hour retreat before classes started. It was a mixed group of students. Returning students were there to welcome new students to the campus community. Of course, I had spoken to groups of students before, but those had been about specific topics and purposes. This was an official welcome and I was the ...

“Hope is the thing with feathers,” says Emily.
As Maya intones, “Still I rise.”

Pablo calls us to “count to twelve” rather than ten
And Mary asks us to think about our “one wild and precious life.”

Poets teach me
To listen for the questions that go unsaid,
To ask the questions that are needed,
To find the path to wisdom and the way to make the bread.

G. Paine


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