Introducing My Teachers

“Everyone you meet is your teacher.” I can’t find a source for this idea, though it shows up in multiple places with a quick search of the Web. No matter the source, or lack thereof, I have found it to be true in my experience. If I am open to the lesson, every interaction can teach me something about myself, about a point of view, or a new way of understanding the world around me. This means I can’t begin to tell you about every teacher in my life. I can’t even tell you about every teacher from the past week. However, as I suspect is true for all of us, I can tell you about the people who have taught me consistently over time.

During the next few weeks and months as I begin this blog post connected to my leadership consulting work, I’ll spend some time introducing you to some of the most influential teachers in my life. Some are the people I’ve had the privilege of working with. Others are people I’ve never met, but they have taught me through their books, online courses or interviews, and occasionally their speeches when I’ve been lucky enough to be in the same immense auditorium with them. Each of them has made a difference in my life and therefore, in my leadership. I’ll share books and TED talks, poetry, stories, and articles that I find interesting.

Though my To Be Read pile is ready to take over the house and is nothing as lovely as this, I’m always to happy to hear a recommendation about a book someone else has loved or found worthwhile. Please share any titles or ideas.

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